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Bundle your TV, Phone, and Internet services

And by partnering with Comcast, Verizon could keep customers on its network instead of seeing them depart for a lower-cost competitor.

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So, if you are a Comcast customer, should you sign up for this super bundle? Whether this is a money-saving deal for you will depend on your habits. A Comcast spokesperson says that the company's own streaming services will not be "zero rated," which means they will count against your data usage. You'll be able to switch back and forth between unlimited and pay-per-go on a month-to-month basis with no extra fees, so if you think you're going to exceed five gigs one month, you should switch to unlimited.

A spokesperson says that Comcast won't slow your video streams, which other providers, such as T-Mobile, have done in the past. But as with most unlimited data plans there is a catch: if you use more than 20GB in a month, you could see reduced speeds while using busy cell towers. Comcast's offer is competitive, but wireless data prices are dropping fast.

Even if you get your broadband through Comcast, it may still end up being cheaper for you to keep that stand-alone home broadband service, buy an unlimited plan from either Sprint or T-Mobile, and get a separate subscription to a streaming service. Ultimately, Comcast's pricing is the best deal if you don't use much wireless data and just can't live without a traditional pay TV service and all the channels and options that come along with it.

And if you need need multiple unlimited data lines you'll likely see considerable savings going with Sprint. There are other reasons you might want to take Comcast up on its offer, however. You might prefer Verizon's network to Sprint or T-Mobile, for instance. Or you might want the faster speeds that come with the Doubleplay bundle. Ultimately, it comes down to your needs and preferences. Comcast's pricing is probably the best deal if you don't use much wireless data and just can't live without a traditional pay TV service and all the channels and options that come along with it.

Prices are in flux as new players enter the market. More consolidation could also change things considerably.

Why The Comcast Internet Plus TV Packages May Not Be The Best Deal For Cord Cutters

Were T-Mobile and Sprint to merge, for example, you might start to see wireless data prices tick back up again. Alternately, should Dish acquire one of those two mobile carriers, it could start offering its own bundles that could drive prices down further still. But for now, in this increasingly deregulated space, Comcast just gave its customers another pretty decent bundle to pick from the bunch. Getty Images. Comcast Wireless. Thanks for the info.

I would go the fb route but believe it or not I'm not on fb, lol. Hopefully I can get this resolved over the phone.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I get the same message about the service being temporarily available when I call that number so I'll try again later.

Bundle your TV, Phone, and Internet services

Thanks for the. Op here: I finally got through to Customer Loyalty actually they called it customer solutions. I told them I needed to think it over. I was hoping to keep my bill the same or maybe a little less than now. I wonder if it's worth waiting a few more weeks and see what they offer then? Canton also has U-verse gigabit internet. They have some good promo's to under cut Xfinity.

I do own my own modem and router so already seeing savings there. Last I looked it didn't look like U-Verse gigabit was available yet in my sub.

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I was able to view a map someone posted here on dslreports and it showed some of my neighbors had uverse internet but only speeds of 50mb. Maybe 1 gig is available now - I guess I'll need to investigate. Donut join Romulus, MI. We had similar issues. We were not on any deal for a long time.

So we cancelled the TV. Bought some antenna's and we went to PS Vue. We were saving money. It seemed like maybe a month after that we get the call. So sometimes when you just flat out start cutting services, it gets them to offer some good deals. I really cant speak for their streaming service, because we dont use it, PSVue works and offers what we need. Also, their streaming service is not exempt from the Cap, so it really is just there and we dont use it.

The options available to the rep are dictated by their system regardless of your demeanor or threats to cancel. Anon4dd4b comcast. Anon1c1b7 comcast. Has anybody been able to get a better deal than the one previously agreed to as they say if available you can have it.

Not sure about this but seems reasonable best time to reup or check rates is Nov-Dec months. Best to take the offer when made you can always change at later date. The offer made to me was not as good and NO free yr movie channel as before although HD fee is included.

Comcast XFINITY bill pay info

Since it seems the one year rate is what the second year would be. Anonc7 comcast. Another reason to lock in price is Rentions cannot tell you when the offer expires. If you have think about make sure its noted in yourrecords so if its still available you can get it. After discussing the offer with my wife, I called to sign up. Then the problems began. After nearly two hours working with the agent and his Supervisor, here is what I learned, and why my previous discussion with Retentions was unsatisfactory a few months ago, and many on this forum have also experienced.

Internet speed, etc. Also configured are such items as if a truck roll is required, and at what price, if an X1 box is or is not required, etc. The computer also takes into account the customer status such as how long you have been a customer, what is your current package, and other criteria. Even with a copy of the offer I received in the Supervisor's hand, they were unable to process my order because the computer did not have the offer in it's inventory. I have an email from Comcast that they will offer me the package as soon as they can get Marketing and Finance departments coordinated.

I share this experience because the rules in negotiating with the Comcast Retention team have changed. You can't badger the Agents into packages that are not in the computer. The Agent can't play car salesman and run back and forth to the manager to negotiate a better deal, as Finance has the final say on all offers, and programs the computer accordingly.

I hope this helps others understand the Retentions staff are now operating under fixed offers they cannot change.

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Package

They can only work with you to find the best pre-approved package at a price you can live with. Previously, they could manipulate offers with great flexibility. Jim Neve join Alexandria, VA. Agree with bwhitney on packages and services being locked down, and help desk and techs can't over-ride. I signed up for the Signature Triple Play offer this weekend in order to get the Extreme Pro internet already had my Tivo and cable card, not interested in phone or Starz.

They rolled a truck when my call to the service desk to check on provisioning my current Arris modem failed. The tech said they'd have had no problem provisioning me if I'd simply upgraded to Extreme Pro, but due to the package, that ability was locked out to them.

Amazon begins reselling Comcast services on its new site, the Amazon Cable Store – TechCrunch

Thanks for the info regarding the retentions dept. I'm happy with the package I have which is still in their system I guess. I'm just not happy with the prices I've been quoted. I'm going to wait until next month until my promo is officially expired and see what happens then. If they can't offer me a deal to my liking I have another cable company in town here that's literally banging down my door trying to get me to sign up LOL.

comcast current user deals Comcast current user deals
comcast current user deals Comcast current user deals
comcast current user deals Comcast current user deals
comcast current user deals Comcast current user deals
comcast current user deals Comcast current user deals

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