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The wonderful ladies were friendly and pleasant. The colors were fantastic!!!! They have Shelac and Gelish- totally doing that next time. I'll report back on how long the polish lasts, but as a self-proclaimed "nail expert" I know that they took the time to make sure that it was done right, with no scratches, cuts or polish on my skin! Was this review …? I don't know the name of the girl who helped me but she did a good job. It's the first time i came here. It was nice and peaceful inside, not loud like other places.

She was able to do my mani in the "free" time I had and told me that if i messed them up to come back and she'd fix them for me. I'll probably come back to see how the pedis are. The only con I have is that it was really cold in there. Maybe they don't have a heater?

But over all i liked it. The shop is very clean and organized. They're massage chairs actually give you a relaxing massage unlike all the others which just pinch your back. They have a variety of nail polish that you can pick from. The workers were very professional and very welcoming. They don't talk in another language the entire time. I hate that so much because i always feel like they are gossiping about me.

The location is great. The prices are also very reasonable.

You always get what you paid for. The salon's environment is very calming and relaxing. They always keep the store clean and smelling good instead of the nail polish remover smell. Te and Ashi also plays music in the back ground which helps relax a person ever more. The employees are very thoughtful of their customers and always makes sure their customer is comfortable with whatever is being done with them. If they can't squeeze you in, then it's not their fault.

If you think they have an attitude, then you might want to recheck because YOU might be the one with the attitude.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to relax with friends. Everyone who works there is extremely professional and very friendly. Most importantly, the results are great. The polish lasted very well and there were many to choose from. We both tried Shelac for the first time and are hooked. I literally walked out 5 min after they started my manicure. The rudeness started as soon as I walked in. While picking a color as instructed, I looked around for someone to ask a color related question. The rude woman started by looking at me with her eyebrows raised in silence from across the room even though she wasn't doing anything I felt uncomfortable yelling across the room to ask her like I was an idiot.

When I got in the chair, she was just radiating annoyance. She started by dipping my right hand in a bowl of water for about 10 seconds took it out and started on my cuticles. She told me to put my left hand in. I did. It sat in there in the bowl for about 5 min before I pulled it out to respond to a text. I put it back in. Took it back out Did I miss something?! She just had a funky attitude. She says "fine u don't have to put ur hand in the water if u don't want" with a nasty tone. What the?!

I said you know what, that's fine, I'm gonna go. It ended with her yelling at me as I got up, "Don't you fall in here!! Also, if you're going to be erratic about your appointments, you really have no reason to complain. If you can't get your poop together, why should you expect anyone else to, business or not. More importantly, don't ever assume people are talking about you, in Vietnamese or any other language.

You're not that important. Mai and her team at TeAshi are the best at what they do. I've been following Mai at her various locations for over 10 years and there's a reason for that. Not only are they great at doing manicures and pedicures but they also try to make you feel at home in their place of business.

They remember your name, they ask you about your family, they remember how you like your nails done and you're not just another customer to them. They value you as a customer and they really do take care of you. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else to get my nails done and every penny is worth it. They do get busy, so make an appointment, it's worth it.

The lady seemed to be working very meticulously but since my trip there my cuticles had been stripping and peeling, which has never happened elsewhere. What the Elite '12 friends reviewsAnna D. However, I opted for a french mani and the white tips, though impressively done free-handed and thin just how I like, didn't look so fresh. It looks like the white nail polish they used was old and thick causing the tips to clump and appeared to have these ridges. From afar it looks like a great french mani, but when I look up close, it's not as impressive as I thought.

The girls in the salon are pleasant, friendly, and keep conversation. The one gal in the salon that did my eyebrow wax and mani was really outgoing and funny. I mistook her for the owner, which she says many customers do. Prior to her, another girl prepped my nails for the mani. She was pleasantly friendly as well. But, she cut me. Normally I'm not so sensitive to this but she cut me to the point that it stung.

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She was rushing the prep which probably caused the cut. Overall, it's a nicely kept salon. Very cute and professional for a small space. I'd maybe come back for a shellac if I was going on a vacation and needed a mani that was long lasting. But I definitely am going to have to take off two stars for the rush job, the less than perfect french mani, and the boo boo. It's preferable to make an appt. They spent about an hour on me. I loved the exfoliating scrub and massage on my legs and feet.

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They used a warm rock that felt really good. Unfortunately, the polish application just wasn't up to par this time. My entire nails were not covered with polish, and the polish on my toes were very thin. I had to add another coat at home : Was this review …? Elite '12 friends reviewsOriana C. The Decor is super cute and very "zen" like.

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They have Chanel Nail Polish. No Gossiping. No Rush. I will def. And finally! I found the one. In regards to some of the poor reviews here, I wonder if these are the same ladies I've seen walk in, demand service condescendingly, and stomp out after having gotten the same exact service as the person right next to them. I agree credit should certainly not be given to where credit is not due but I hardly believe this place is deserving of such negative feedback.

If anyone posted these horrible reviews in hopes to cash in, I insist you take my sincere advice and find a real job.

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Hint hint ladies, the salon owners know very well who you are. Everyone is professional, friendly, and qualified. My favorites are the owner and Mai. They are skilled, detail-oriented, and to top if off, super kind. Trust me, you will walk out of this place feeling relaxed and content with fabulous nails.

I am completely perplexed as to why they received a 4. This is your typical Vietnamese nail salon, only it looks nicer and therefore they are able to charge you more for their services. The reason I came here was because I purchased a Groupon for a mani and pedi. I scheduled an appointment beforehand, and they were able to seat me in a timely manner. It was a standard pedi, however the water was only lukewarm and I had to ask the ladies to put in hotter water. I got my pedicure last Thursday, and 5 days later, the polish is already starting to chip. Typically with Shellac, the polish is supposed to last at least 2 weeks.

Mine didn't even last 1 week. Within a few days, the polish started to chip and peel away from my nail bed. On top of that, she failed to cut my cuticles and cut my nails square, when I requested them be round. She had to go back several times to fix mistakes and redo things over again because she did not do it the first time. When she rounded my nails, she did not file them evenly resulting in an uneven shape. Needless to say, I did not leave a tip.

Even with that incentive, I will not be visiting this salon again. It is small, cramped, slow, and lacks quality nail ladies. Be forewarned. So disappointing. I am never coming to this hell hole again. Listed in: so fresh and so clean Was this review …? They provide really good wax for waxing and you don't usually see in other salons.

However, the host here is really pushy. She asked me did I leave review on Yelp and also I can tell all the girls working here have pressure from her. A simple conversation will be great but not to be pushy. As a new mom and recent law school grad, I rarely had the time to get my nails done. My study buddy and I wanted to treat ourselves to some pampering.

Mai greeted us with a huge smile and playful demeanor. Immediately we felt welcomed. SHe treated us like long time friends! We were sat down and pampered with no delay. The women skillfully treated my hands and feet, on top of giving luxurious massages with hot stones, after a luscious rub which lifted the dreariness and exhaustion from every day life. Mai remembered me immediately! I was pleasantly surprised as I am sure she meets a ton of people every day. Again, I was pampered to the fullest with percise expertise and utmost professionalism.

I definitely would suggest all to visit this joint. They truly know how to treat a girl or guy. Very friendly, pleasant service, and a great mani-pedi. It felt totally unrushed. Cosy and pleasant atmosphere. What's not to like! Do you like to have your cuticles cut until you bleed, and when you point it out to her, to have her say, "oh, I thought they were like this when you came in? See how the blood dropletS are pooling?

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See how you're wielding your cuticle scissors? If so, this is your place! Facilities were fine. I just didn't like the service. Shellac lasted about a week, so I was fine with that. Good thing I purchased a Groupon, and will never be coming back. We both purchased it and waited until it was ready to be printed to make an appointment for Saturday afternoon.

We go in, its a tad small but very comfortable. We pick out our colors and they have a few good ones, even Chanel colors. We get to sit down and get started for our pedicure, the water is perfect not too hot not too cold, they start out like any other pedi and they make sure to do what you ask of them me specifically, I need them to pick at my ingrown, yeah gross but shut up anyway, the moment prior to the massage they give you an orange wash type thing, with half and orange no joke squeezed all over your toes and rubbed into your legs.

It was very different but it felt really nice. We will be back! There are only 3 massage chairs, cashier table, drying station for 2 people and 2 tables for manicures. Staff is very patient, careful, happy and friendly. It does look like this place is fairly new, but overall it looks like a little spa getaway. I also liked that they have a small fountain at the entrance, makes it soothing : and having OPI is definitely a plus : I got a Groupon for Mani- Pedi and it was worth every penny and more.

Definitely coming back!!!!!!! Elite '12 friends reviewsEsther A. I went with a friend and we were ready to get pampered and relax for about an hour. We had reservations but they seemed a bit overwhelmed when we arrived as I'm sure their appointment book was packed due to the Groupon promotion.

This salon is tiny and only have three pedi chairs and three stations to do nails. They asked us to pick out a nail color while they finished up on one of the other patrons. I was surprised to find they had a selection of Chanel colors. They were about to have a lady get on the chair to soak her toes but WE had the reservation so they had to do her mani at the table first before she had her pedi on the chairs.

I loved the leg massage and the hot stone. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep right on the chair. Like all the salons, some girls are chatty and some aren't. I find complete silence a bit awkward but I'm sure some people prefer it. I'd definitely drive all the way out here from the city for this type of pampering again.

Walk-in - no problem I was in and out in an hour and I had a lot of cuticle! This is the first time I went during a peak period and even though they were perhaps quicker than in the past, the service was not rushed. My feet 5 days later still feel soft and tingly. The most surprising? Cons: Water for the pedi was cold girl didn't ask me about temp; I had to ask her to warm it up , one of my nails is filed at an odd angle, there was no conversation during the hour I was there--just had the 2 ladies working in near silence, they didn't catch all the polish on my skin--I had to point it out, and my pet peeve--having my mani done while I'm sitting in the pedi chair means I have to reach one arm across my body for the woman to work and I don't get to relax my arms during the whole affair.

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rj daniels rockville centre coupons Rj daniels rockville centre coupons
rj daniels rockville centre coupons Rj daniels rockville centre coupons
rj daniels rockville centre coupons Rj daniels rockville centre coupons
rj daniels rockville centre coupons Rj daniels rockville centre coupons
rj daniels rockville centre coupons Rj daniels rockville centre coupons

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